Crimeless Revocations: The Health Impacts of Locking People Up Without a New Conviction:

Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin. Health Impact Report. WISDOM
Executive Summary, Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin
Infographic, Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin
View the special website for Crimeless Revocation
Incarcerated Without Conviction. The Abuse of Revocation in Wisconsin

View Photo Gallery of the Press Release of Crimeless Revocations HERE

About the Restore Our Communities (ROC) Campaign:

ROC Wisconsin Fact Sheet
ROC Wisconsin Brochure
ROC Wisconsin PowerPoint, October, 2015
WISDOM’s Prophetic Declaration
Photos From the Launch of the ROC Campaign

Publications of Letters from Inmates:

Incarcerated Without Conviction. The Abuse of Revocation in Wisconsin
It’s Time to Fix Our Broken Parole System. Letters From Inmates
Our Broken System. Excerpts From Prison Letters.
Voices From Inside. Wisconsin Prisoners Speak-Out

National Information Studies:

Criminal Justice Reform Review of States Oct 19 2016
A Call to Move Wisconsin into the Modern Era of Criminal Justice. 2016
A Shared Sentence: The Devastating Toll of Parental Incarceration on Kids, Families and Communities

Fact Sheets:

Thirsting for Justice Fact Sheet
ROC Wisconsin Fact Sheet
Drug Treatment Court Fact Sheet
Alcohol Treatment Court Fact Sheet
Prison Price Tag. The High Cost of Wisconsin’s Corrections Policies


Mass Incarceration:
WISDOM’s Blueprint to End Mass Incarceration In Wisconsin
Hunger and Mass Incarceration
The Bible and Mass Incarceration

Parole and Revocation:
A Broken Parole System
The Abuse of Revocation In Wisconsin
Problems in Revocation and GPS Monitoring

Treatment Alternatives:
TAD, Treatment Alternatives and Diversions Outcomes and Cost Benefit Report
Treatment Instead of Prison: Human Impact Assessment


The Circle Keepers. A Story of Restorative Justice in Prison
The Exploding Population of Women in Jail
Solitary Confinement is Torture


Drug Treatment Court Participant Handbook. Waukesha County
Alcohol Treatment Court Participant Handbook. Waukesha County
Alcohol Treatment Court Participant Handbook 2. Waukesha County


Step-up for Organizing Sharon Stedman and Sarah Ferber Eau Claire, WI 9/23/16
Solitary Confinement in America Rick Raemisch MOSES, Madison 9/22/16
Formerly Incarcerated People Can Change Mark Rice UW Oshkosh 4/25/16
Prison Price Tag Wisconsin Budget Project 12/2/15
Prison Alternatives Boosted by Health Impact Assessment WISDOM Leaders The Pew Charitable Trusts 6/17/15
Saving Money on Prison Reform WISDOM Leaders Wisconsin State Capitol 5/27/15
Before Bars Jerome Dillard, Stephanie Gyldenvand Lawrence University 10/29/14
Solitary Confinement WISDOM Leaders Wisconsin State Capitol 10/1/14
Revocations and GPS Monitoring WISDOM Leaders Wisconsin State Capitol 8/20/14
Old Law Parole WISDOM Leaders Wisconsin State Capitol 7/9/14
Case Studies, Treatment Instead of Prison David Liners and WISDOM Leaders Human Impact Partners 6/5/14

Here are some EXPO Videos:

MSDF Story Lab Snippets
EXPO Presents: MSDF Campaign
EXPO March to the State Capitol
Reform Now: Revocations & GPS Monitoring
EXPO MSDF Panel Discussion. RIDRacism Event

ROC Prayer Card:

ROC Wisconsin PrayerROC Wisconsin Prayer Card


Unlike K-12 Education and UW System, Corrections Has Been Protected from Severe Budget Cuts Wisconsin Spends More on Prisons Than Neighboring States Wisconsin’s Incarceration Rate Higher than Most Neighboring States