Successful Post-Incarceration Return to the Community

Check out the findings of a ground-breaking Health Impact Assessment (HIA), titled Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin: The Health Impacts of Locking People Up Without a New Conviction.

The new report describes the impact on individuals, families and communities of Wisconsin’s pattern of incarcerating thousands of individuals each year for rule violations related to Extended Supervision, Parole or Probation.

The Executive Summary can be downloaded here.
The full report is here.

Those convicted of a crime are people: not statistics. Formerly incarcerated people need to be restored to full participation in our communities, our economy and our civic life. To lift up the irrevocable humanity of every person in our state, with no exceptions, we work to:

  • End crimeless revocations. The largest number of people entering Wisconsin prisons are actually re-entering prison. About 4,000 prison admissions each year are people who have not been convicted of a new crime.
  • Open the doors of opportunity through Ban the Box legislation, reform of the CCAP on-line database, changes in rules for public housing, financial aid for college, and more.
  • Welcome formerly incarcerated people back to the community and ensure that formerly incarcerated people have a voice in the community and in matters that affect them. They ought to have back their right to vote, and to be heard.